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Colombia offers you ideal and extraordinary places to enjoy the tranquility and feel connected to the environment around you. Whether you are looking to invest in hotel suites, office spaces, or personal living arrangements, we have opportunities in two of the hottest cities in South America - Medellin and Cartagena. 

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Starting at $145K USD

Urbanization with a 24-hour concierge for access control and 4 towers with a pleasant exterior design. The first 3 towers each have 64 apartments distributed over 4 floors, with 16 apartments per floor.

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Starting at $160K USD

A unique urban development project in the north of Cartagena composed of 207 acres,with 17 condominiums, 2 hotels and a commercial area.

  • Pre-construction plans with availability to resell

  • Flexible payment plans

  • Attractive amenities ​like on site property management and fully furnished rooms 

  • 50% financing, 50% pre-construction

Reserve with only $3,000 USD! 

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Starting at $150K USD

A gallerie hotel that offers private suites, concerts, talks, stand-up shows and more. With the goal of supporting upcoming local artists, creative cooking sessions, art shows and university alliances. Only 67 suites available!

  • Earn additional income through hotel property operations (Open to the public)

  • Flexible payment plans

  • On site property management and fully furnished rooms 

Reserve with only $4,000 USD! 

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Starting at $29K USD

State is a tower of buildings ​that says goodbye to everything traditional. Creating a space never seen before in the city of Medellin. Offering office spaces with co-working advantages.

  • Earn additional income through property operations (Open to the public)

  • Flexible payment plans

  • On site property management 

  • 50% financing, 50% pre-construction

Reserve with only $1,200 USD! 

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Starting at $174K USD

72 boutique suites with an incredible view. Located 10 minutes from the heart of the Village, it was born to be a place object of desire, an icon of LOCAL culture.

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Starting at $38K USD

HUG is a fiduciary rights project with a special feature: low investment amounts, ideal for all those interested in being part of this exciting project in the tourism sector.

An affordable housing project for tourist rents with 2 commercial premises located on the first floor, 56 rooms and a rooftop bar.​ 

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Starting at $130K USD

Politan By The Yard will be the first tower of a large mixed-use project, located in the heart of Sabaneta. In Politan you will have apartments from 52m2 to 95m2, where you can live the best of Sabaneta: Security, community, proximity to everything and a spectacular home, for new lifestyles.


Politan will stand out for its sophisticated approach, because it will be a space where inhabitants and visitors will feel at home, but in turn they will perceive the vibrant life of Sabaneta, capturing the growing prosperity, cultural diversity and exuberance of the south of the Metropolitan Area.

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Starting at $110K USD

In City M Laureles you have La Vida 360. It brings together the urban experience, social life and intimate space, all in one place. Apartments and commercial premises with a modern design and 2 - 3 bedroom apartments with direct access through a private elevator. Excellent spaces; dining room, balcony, main bedroom with bathroom and dressing room, two bedrooms, a shared bathroom and kitchen with American bar.

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Why Medellin?

With 22 gastronomical areas and six parks and libraries, more than 25 shopping malls, six gastronomical offer zones and more, ‘The City of Eternal Spring’ welcomes you whenever you visit Colombia. This Colombian city was founded in 1675 (345 years ago), and it has become a popular tourist destination in recent years.

Thanks to its location, beautiful flowers bloom, hence why it is known by its Flower Festival and its stunning parks and gardens. Medellin has received several awards in recent years, making it an important destination for locals and visitors alike. In 2013 it was named ‘Innovative City of the Year’ by the Wall Street Journal. Then, in 2015, it won the global award for entrepreneurial ventures in sustainable transportation, MobiPrize.

Within an hour or two from the city, you can visit beautiful little towns like Guatape, Santa Fe de Antioquia, Jardin, and many more. Whether it’s a day trip or a weekend, it’s such a great way to visit Colombia and explore it.

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